Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will give you as part of their package web space for you to do what you like with and as well as being free is big enough to hold a very comprehensive web site.

The down side of this is that you end up with a web address that is very complicated and almost certainly puts your ISP's name before your own business name. The way around this is to buy and register your own name, or in web speak, Domain.

PeakBusiness has an established relationship with a domain registration provider and can organise most domains within 24 hours. Not only do you get your own recognisable and easy to remember name you also end up with e-mail addresses to match. Anyone typing in your domain name gets to see your web site and any e-mail gets delivered to wherever you ask PeakBusiness to send it. This all happens without your visitor knowing and is known as 'masking'.

Domains are split up into two parts, the first part, for example 'peakbusiness' and the extension (, .com , .net etc) the most common extensions in Uk use are .com and

The advantage to having a .com name is that if anyone just types in the name and doesn't bother with the extension it is the .com version that gets displayed, the down side is they are around twice the price. There is nothing to stop you from owning both the .com and (or all the others) except the amount of money you wish to spend.

Domains are registered for 2 years and PeakBusiness provides extensions at 25.00 and .com extensions at 54.75. Other extensions can be quoted for as needed.