Once you have your web site written the next problem is how to get it noticed. Despite what anyone may tell you there is very little you can do to make search engines companies either list or improve your listings. Some companies will offer to review your site more rapidly in exchange for a quite substantial fee but they do not promise to list you or improve your listing position, just to look at it sooner than they otherwise might have done.

There are many companies that will offer to promote your web site and get it in the top ten, in return of course for a fee, but if you consider how many people want to be top and that there is only one top, someone, somewhere isn't going to be getting value for money. Add to that the fact that Yahoo (and they are not alone) explicitly state that they will ban any site caught trying to manipulate their listings and I leave it to you to decide if you wish to part with your money.

If you have ever searched for something on the internet you will have typed in a phrase that you think will bring the results you are after, these words are known as 'keywords'. The best way to find the keywords you should use is to think what you would type to find yourself, ask friends the same question, they may have different answers and there is nothing to stop you having a quite extensive list of keywords. Make a note of the web addresses of the top results and let me have these details so I can see what is working for your particular business. I can then apply the same keywords to your site.

As part of the package PeakBusiness will place the keywords that you provide into your website and manually submit your site details to major UK search engines. Experience shows however that if you want to attract lots of visitors to your site there is one simple, cheap and effective way to do so. . . .

Put your domain name and e-mail address on everything you do. If you place a small add in the paper include the web address, if you advertise in magazines include it, if you have business cards include it, if you have letter heads include it and of course if you have a sign written vehicle or shop front then include it there too.

Like anything new these things take time to become established and there is nothing to stop you from reminding search engines that you exist by clicking on their 'add a site' buttons when you visit them to search for something.